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     I thought my carpet was beyond saving after I spilled a huge plate of food on it. I was planning to get a new one but someone recommended giving Fulham Cleaning Company a go. Their carpet cleaning service saved me hundreds of pounds, you can barely even see the stain and they did the whole carpet so my dining rooms looks really bright and fresh again. Excellent service all round.
Karen Cahill19/05/2020
     I recommend FulhamCarpetCleaners to everyone I meet around town! They are simply the best out there!
Skyler L.19/09/2019
     Safe to say I couldn't clean my home as well as the team from Carpet Cleaners Fulham. Luckily they come every few days so I don't have to worry about it, and the cleaning services are super. Plus the price is so much cheaper than I ever expected.
Clara Watson28/11/2018
     I had heard about Fulham Cleaners and their cleaning services long before I first hired them. I was used to seeing their vans in the area together with their legions of cleaners. I called them on a whim really because I didn't think I could afford a regular cleaning service at home but when they gave me a quote, I was gobsmacked! There are no hidden extras either, just one price that they stick to. You can't say fairer than that.
Dennis L. 14/07/2015
     I recently bought a new house. The previous owners did not hand over the house in a clean state. I knew that the house cleaning process could turn out to be stressful and so I contacted FulhamCarpetCleaners. Their efficient team helped me transform my house with their expert skills. From the walls to the floors, everything looked newly furbished and my fiancé was really happy with how beautiful the house looked. Thank you!
James Lewis08/05/2015
     I always wanted to have a cleaner home but I just couldn't find the time to clean everything to the standard I wanted. I never thought I could afford a cleaning company, but Carpet Cleaners Fulham have very good prices so I thought I'd try them out. I was so thrilled with the results of my one-off house clean that I went on to try some of their other services, and now I hire my regular cleaner from them! My house looks like something from a magazine and I get lots of compliments. Thanks for all of the hard work!
     Keeping the house tidy is a challenge when I'm working hard and playing hard but I like to come back home to a clean environment when I have the chance to rest. I've always been very impressed with the state of the place after Carpet Cleaners Fulham have been to clean and they do a very good job. They do all the gritty cleaning jobs like cleaning the shower glass, scrubbing out the oven and the grill and cleaning out the fridge. The cleaners they send sometimes do ironing and washing for me as well and it really does help me get on I then things in the time I want.
Lee R.05/11/2014
     Most people come to our gym to lose weight or get in shape, but our cleaners come here to clean up after those sweaty, sweaty people. Across the area we have many different gyms, but all use the same cleaners from Carpet Cleaners Fulham. We can't fault the work they do, and the machines always look brand new after their daily wipe down and wash. The customers have commented too, saying that they love the work the cleaners do, and it helps to keep the smell levels down in the workout area as well; it seems that all round our clients, and us, love the cleaners!
Jenny Brandon04/09/2014
     I just love how much my life has improved after Carpet Cleaners Fulham finished cleaning my home. It might sound a bit over the top, but such a drastic improvement of my surroundings has done wonders for my self-esteem. In short; my house looks great, and it is all thanks to this wonderful company. The whole experience was nothing but positives; they were cheap to hire, and their staff were just delightful! They were very easy going, but at the same time knew exactly how to tackle every corner. I really can't remember when I last felt this happy; thank you so much!
Diana C.21/08/2014
     I was so busy with my business that I was finding it difficult to find spare time to do the cleaning. I knew I needed to hire some assistance, so called a new local commercial cleaning company called Carpet Cleaners Fulham.I arranged a meeting to discuss my needs, I first booked a spring clean to get everything back in order. Afterwards I was going to have a regular weekly appointment to keep everywhere neat and tidy. I was extremely satisfied with the work I had, the place looks so clean and tidy. I would certainly suggest if you need a reliable and trustworthy cleaning company for your workplace to give these a call now.
Shannon Reinhart24/07/2014
     I love having a clean house and I've always wanted to find a cleaning company that can offer the high standard of cleaning that I expect. Carpet Cleaners Fulham managed to deliver just what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier! My cleaner arrived promptly and got straight to work. It was a really speedy clean and she didn't get in my way at all which I really appreciated! When the house was done I could barely believe my eyes - it was like I had a brand new home! Now a hire a house cleaner from here regularly and I thoroughly recommend them!
Leah H.08/07/2014
     Managing my cleaning was something I had started to have trouble with because I was so busy and that is why I called Carpet Cleaners Fulham. I had heard of their credentials before and I was eager to see if they could live up to them. I can confidently say they did because I found myself with expert cleaners tackling all the chores I couldn't do myself. They did everything, from vacuuming to polishing and made my home a pleasant place to be. They have worked hard each time they have come to my home and provided a great result so I cannot thank them enough or what they have done.
Raquel Simmons20/06/2014
     My new home was a mess, I had just moved in but the previous owners had not taken care of it in the way of hygiene. I'm not good at cleaning and I don't enjoy it in particular. That's why I hired Carpet Cleaners Fulham to do the job instead of me. I found the staff very loyal with great personalities. They charged me a sensible price which was easy on the pocket. I stood back and watched with a slight interest in how they mastered their task down to a fine art. Now my new home looks new and it's all thanks to my new found cleaners.
Leonard Gleeson26/05/2014
     Great service and great cleaners. We used Carpet Cleaners Fulham all of the way through our second year at University and all of the cleaners that visited were absolutely lovely, they got on with their work very diligently and also showed fantastic manners and respect for our home. That aside, their work was always of the very highest standard and they were very accommodating when one time there was a drunken friend passed out on the floor. We all had a laugh on every visit, very down to earth and friendly cleaners. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a great cleaning service on a tight up.
Cara Rochester08/04/2014
     I had a party at my house and things got out of hand - the dreaded wine stain on the sofa upholstery! I have a cream sofa and there now was a huge red wine stain that ruined the whole appearance of the sofa. After doing some research I came along Carpet Cleaners Fulham. I thought I would give them a shot and boy am I pleased. They got that wine stain out completely and my sofa looks as good as new. When I saw what a great job they did, I instantly asked them to give all of my upholstery a good clean. These people really are the stain busters!
S. Borne27/03/2014
     Knowing that you need to keep an eye on the cleaner on their first few days, I stuck around for the trial shift, and was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The team from Carpet Cleaners Fulham always seem to have been impressive since, and that really has made my life a lot easier. I can pick up the kids after work and look after them without having to worry about who's going to do the hoovering!
O. Gordon05/03/2014
     Carpet Cleaners Fulham cleaned my furniture and upholstery at an affordable price. I wasn't exactly sure what cleaning agents to use, so I called them up after reading great testimonials. They proved to provide all the services they advertised. They knew exactly how to clean my delicate upholstery fabric without damaging the fabric fibres. They provided a deep clean and left my furniture looking clean as new. I will undoubtedly use their services in the future as I was impressed with the quality and affordability of their service. Thanks for the great cleaning job!
Holly R.18/02/2014
     If you have never had a cleaner before, then I can thoroughly recommend Carpet Cleaners Fulham! They really do make my house sparkle every single week, and I have built a real bond with my cleaner over the two years she has been coming here. I actually now look forward to her visit on a Tuesday afternoon, and am in awe as she goes about her work with supreme efficiency and care. The results she achieves are fantastic, and I now wouldn't be without her. You will also be amazed at just how much free time having your own cleaner affords you. Give it a try!
Maria Benson30/01/2014
     I never have to worry about cleaning my house again and it's all thanks to Carpet Cleaners Fulham. Household chores are boring, time-consuming and dull, but now they're not something that I ever need to worry about ever again! This cleaning company helps me with my chores every two weeks and now I have all the free time I've ever needed or wanted. The job they do is always to the highest standard, and they're one of the most affordable cleaning companies out there! I'm a proud home-owner now my house is always spotlessly clean! Can't tell enough people about this company - they really are fantastic!
Lauren J.20/01/2014
     This is such a fabulous cleaning company that I just had to write a review! My house was cleaned in practically no time at all, and the staff were so quick and unobtrusive that I barely noticed someone was in my home! When the job was done I really couldn't believe my eyes - from my dust-free picture rails to my brilliantly clean kitchen taps - everything was just immaculate and had never looked better! Carpet Cleaners Fulham have made my life so much easier with their great range of services and it's not even costing me too much either! I love this company!
     The cleanliness of the working environment is something that should never be a distraction, and luckily, since we hired Carpet Cleaners Fulham for our office cleaning, it hasn't been. They are accommodating of the way we work as a business and endeavour to minimise the distraction they provide in carrying out their duties. They are a pleasure to work with - they listen and work incredibly hard to ensure that we are happy with the work they do for us. This is far removed from other cleaning contractors we have had in the past, so they come highly recommended by us.
Trevor Agnew05/12/2013

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